The model MFT is a rugged, powerful tool for cutting, beveling, and machining of heavier wall tubes and pipes. The center shaft and locking system can be separated from the body to minimize weight and create a tool which can be handled by one individual on the job site or in the shop. It is available with optional electric or hydraulic (view the powerful hydraulic powered pipe cutting and beveling tool_ power and it has a flange facing version.

Model MFT


Working Range: 3″ – 14″ (76.2 – 355.6 mm)

Weight:     Pneumatic Power Unit – 69 lbs (31.3 kg)
Electric Power Unit – 77.0 lbs (34.9 kg)

Length – 21″ (533.4 mm)

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Specifications Sheet


Model MFT Parts Sheet


Model MFT Electric Parts Sheet


Model MFT Hydraulic Parts Sheet


Model MFT Operating Instructions Sheet