Tube Rolling & Expanding Equipment

The compact, powerful, reliable line of tube rolling and expanding equipment is available for rental and purchase for use on tube sheets and tube drum type boiler and condenser tube projects. You can choose between small 1,000 rpm models for condenser tubes up to large models that produces torque levels up to 600 lbs (821.1 Nm). All models have variable torque with sensing cam for accurate automatic expanding. We also offer a complete line of accessories such as tube expanders, flare rollers, and a powerful tube puller to make H&S your single source for all your tube and pipe work.

High quality, high production tube pulling equipment is available for rental or purchase.

Rolling/Expanding Equipment


Torque Level:  Up to 600 lbs (821.1 Nm)

Accessories: Tube Expanders, Flare Rollers, Tube Puller

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