You can spend time grinding the outside of the tube, then using another tool to bevel the end – or – use our patented Multi-Prep® cutter to accurately clean the tube O.D. and/or remove membrane from panel tubes and performs an outside bevel on the tube end in a single operation.

Think of the time and money you can save with this cutter that is so revolutionary it has been awarded U.S. patents. In fact there are now 7 patents #6,955,507, #5,542,177, #7,143,673 #7,140,816, #7,313,992, #7,360,975 and now #2,538,247 for Canada. In many cases, we can create a Multi-Prep® cutter to your custom specifications.

Specify cleaning cut from 1/8″ to 3″ of tube surface for single tubes, 1″ to 3″ on panels. Round inserts can be specified.



Cleaning Cut Range: 1/8″ – 3″(3.175 mm – 76.2 mm)

Tube Diameter Range: 1″ to 3″(25.4mm – 76.2 mm)

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