Job tested, field proven I.D. mount tube and pipe machining tools are available with flange facing attachments. Choose from four models to perform accurate flange reconditioning from 3/4″ to 16.25″ (19.1 to 412.8mm) O.D. Surface finishes can be adjusted between 63 and 250 RMS for the model BF and between 63 and 500 RMS for the MSF MTF and MFTF.

We also offer accessories such as elbow mandrels and standard as well as fine adjustment tool centering and alignment products. In some models, the tools can be switched between pipe machining and flange facing quickly and easily in the field. The model MFTF (shown above) will accurately resurface raised gasket areas and bolt pattern surfaces from 4-1/4″ I.D. to 16.25 ” O.D. (108.8 to 412.8 mm).

Model MFTF


Flange Reconditioning Range: 4.250″ – 16.250″ (19.1 mm – 412.8 mm)

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